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Zako Ryan Bio Picture

Zako Ryan is a world traveling comedian, actor, host, gamer, reader, lifter, and 90's cartoon enthusiast. He was raised simultaneously in both Beaufort, South Carolina, and Toledo, Ohio where he paid close attention to cultural differences and began his act as a cross country class clown... (very little pay)
After a brief enlistment in the Air Force, Zako graduated Engineering from the University of Toledo and thought "well I hated both of those so maybe I'll try comedy?”. Since then, he’s made people laugh in over 30 states and 4 countries, including stages of comedy royalty such as Laugh Factory, Improv, SideSplitters, Zanies, and more.
Zako Ryan thinks "we're all full of shit" and as a result, this southern charmer never asks for forgiveness while exposing his versions of the truth. Zako puts on a show that can appeal to any demographic as his humor aims to set aside cultural differences to find common ground through his preferred medium: Laughter.

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