Podcast Feature- "The Madness Continues" with Brendon Lemon

I got the opportunity to sit down with Chicago comedian and overall good dude Brendon Lemon. We talk about getting into comedy but also about my upbringing, childhood, troubles with the law, and a bunch things that made me who I am today. Click the image below to give this a listen. Subscribe to his podcast “The Madness Continues”.

I talk with Chicago comedian and The Bachelorette finalist Zako Ryan. We talk about getting into comedy, trouble with the law, staying positive, and giving 110%.

Zako's one of the most positive, nicest guys in the Chicago scene, and he's hustling day-in and day-out.

Say a prayer for his family in South Carolina, hoping that Hurricane Florence avoids them.

Check out Zako on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zako.ryan.9 and on Instagram www.instagram.com/zakoryan/

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